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An app for idea generation on the go.     7

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  • iseefaces


This is a crowd sourced Instagram art project. The website features the latest Instagram photos tagged ‘iseefaces’ and ‘iseelegs’ and puts them into new contexts.

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Social game


Social game created together with Tine Kej, Aske Bendtsen and Niels Frøhlke. Our alter ego is Pixel Family.

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  • lind_risor

Lind & Risør interactive ad

The building company Lind & Risør wanted an ad that could showcase a their large variety of houses. The gallery can also be saved to your homescreen and viewed offline. You can scan the code and give it a spin!    4

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  • damer

Grundbog for Art Directors

Art Director's ABC

This is a book for all new aspirering Art Directors, written by Katrine Granholm, Tine Kej & Dorte Nielsen. The overall graphic design, and all the illustrations are by Lol Kat. It is 256 pages long and no two spreads are the same!

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  • logo

Design of the identity for a Danish documentary filmclub. Pay-off: ‘Closer to reality’.    6

  • “Designer Toy Baby Jesus” by Tine Kej and Katrine Granholm
  • “Tool Baby Jesus” by Anne Krarup
  • “Choc Baby Jesus” by Casper Heijkenskjold
  • “Penguin Baby Jesus” by Tine Kej and Katrine Granholm
  • “Big Mac Baby Jesus” by Tine Kej
  • “Vegetable Baby Jesus” by Ida Sindberg
  • "Stamps" by Line Lorentzen
  • "Prince" by By Charlotte Boysen & Ditte Grandjean
  • "Chess baby J" by Matt Sadler
  • "Jesus was born to raise the sons of earth and bring peace" by Rune Brink & Sigrid Astrup

Little Baby Jesus Project

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It all started out as an alternative Christmas decoration in the office. Colleagues Kat and Tine quickly found out how easily one can create a nativity scene without actually using any religious objects. Then we created a website where others could submit other alternative nativity scenes, and the Little Baby Jesus Project was born.

  • lykke_logo_simpel_pantone3

Logo design for the Danish TV series ‘Lykke’.     4

McDonald's Family Club commercials

Watch the ads on Vimeo

Idea: Katrine Granholm & Toni Ladegaard / Director: Frederikke Aspøk / Art Director: Katrine Granholm
Copywriter: Toni Ladegaard / Photography: Kasper Tuxen / Producer: Thor B. Jacobsen / Production Company: DDB Film

If the widget isn’t working on your device, please press the button to view the films directly on Vimeo.

  • vegaposter

Vega Poster

Nightclub promo

Idea & Art Direction: Lol Kat
Photo: Jonas Tanz

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  • iensnaever1
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Book covers

Cover design and illustrations for the books “Petit Petit” and “I en snæver vending” both written by Mette Sø.    5


Idea: Katrine Granholm,
Anne Marie Mygind & Simon Wooller
Director: Martin Gårdeler
Art Director: Katrine Granholm
Copywriter: Anne Marie Mygind
CGI: Ghost VFX
Producer: Anne-Marie Elkjær
Production Company:
Ghost/Saatchi & Saatchi Film.

  • spillemand

Illustrations and design for various flyers.   3

  • CHAOS1
  • chaos2
  • chaos3


Logo design

CHAOS or Cultural Heritage Archive Open System is an open source archiving project by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). The logo design is based on the look of the commands in the old PC Disk Operating Systems (DOS).

  • soupanatuaral-cats


Print ad for a Danish chain of restaurants that serve organic coctails (with Tine Kej).  5

Lind & Risør

Houses built to last

Idea: Katrine Granholm
& Toni Ladegaard
Director: Jonas Arnby
Art Director: Katrine Granholm
Copywriter: Toni Ladegaard
Photography: Ulrik Boel Bentzen
Producer: Ulrikka Seehausen
Production Company: DDB Film